Return to work/studies



Consideration must be given to mental endurance. Mental energy must last for the entire working day, the next week, and the next month. Sometimes it takes a long time to get back to work and for some it will never be possible. 

All kinds of work and studies are energy consuming and all work is filled with impressions and requires thinking and concentration. In addition, most of the work must be done within a certain time frame, which demands efficiency. It is not about the level of competence or the level of education. 

Few jobs today are calm and provide room for rest and recovery during work. Expectations are high, both from employers and colleagues, but also from the individual.

For some, it might be advisable to try another job if the old job or workplace is not appropriate or can’t be adapted to the needs of the person with brain fatigue.

For many, it is best to return to the old place of work that one has routine and experience of. Learning new tasks takes a lot of energy. It is advisable to start with few hours a week and increase slowly if and when it works. Resuming studies is equally demanding.

Examples of what a weekly work schedule might look like:

25 %4 hRest3 hRest3 h
50 %5 h5 hRest5 h5 h