We have been using the Mental Fatigue Scale (MFS) for a long time now, both in research and in the clinic where we meet patients who are suffering from brain fatigue following various diseases that affect the brain. MFS provides a good overview of the situation and is very useful for monitoring how it develops over time. Is it getting better or worse?

The dark blue line and green area show what is normal when answering the Mental Fatigue Scale (MFS) questionnaire. The red and green line is above what is normal. If it gets better with natural recovering, strategies or treatment that alleviates fatigue, it can be like the green line. If doing more than what is appropriate according to the individual energy budget, it will be worse, similar to the red line.

For a link to the mental fatigue scale, click here.

MFS is also available as an app on your mobile phone. Search for brain fatigue or mental fatigue.